No Connexion

Lyrics: Yoshiki
Music: Yoshiki

I distress you for my own pleasure
"My feeling reach the climax"
You're gonna scream and you lose your head
Hey you! You are so neat
Now I know that you've done so dirty to me
I didn't wanna believe it, but it's true no! it's true

I've lost all and I'm at my wits end
"You've done nothing for me"
You detrayed me broke my heart to pieces
"You said" "You can trust me"
I found that you'd be gonna take my own life
I didn't wanna believe it till the end, till the end

My brain was exploded, blood is flowing backward
I can't tell wrong or right
I'm gonna go my own way, gonna fight on my way force
(There's) no matter what you say (go ahead)
My mind go mad I'm ready for attack
I'm gonna bite your ugly heart
I never forgive who's gonna disturb
After all I find my way to live

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